Next Level Space Cake: Spacetry

Boerejongens Coffeeshops: Not just selling the best weed and hash in Amsterdam, but they are now the place to be for space cake too!

‘Not just some Space Cake’
Spacetry is next level Space Cake, only available at Boerejongens Coffeeshops in Amsterdam.
The recipes are created by a Michelin star chef in cooperation with Amsterdam her most innovative cannabis brand: Amsterdam Genetics.
This cooperation results in top class Cannabis infused pastry, called: ‘Spacetry’

Most Coffeeshops in Amsterdam just sell some random space cakes like brownies and regular (colored) cakes – those can be tasty too, but often it’s dry. Spacetry isn’t.
You taste the ingredient, but all flavors and ingredients are well-tuned together. As you know you better eat half of a Space Cake first and wait before you feel the effect.
These tasty Spacetry items are hard to not eat all at once..

Not suprising that a forward-thinking coffeeshop as Boerejongens came up with this Spacetry idea, that stands out of all other coffeeshops.

Every weekend Boerejongens offers their limited editions and good for you, the weekend at Boerejongens’ starts already on thursday 😉

Be quick, as they might sell-out soon as the demand is high.

More information? Follow their instagram and stay up to date!

Instagram: boerejongens.coffeeshops