Should We Even Want This? | A New Pill To Kill Your Chill

Science has come up with a novelty when it comes to getting high, but not in any way you might expect – it’s a pill designed for getting back down when you think you’re getting too high. Out of sheer curiosity, we try to figure out what the deal is, and why these pills were invented in the first place.

When The Stakes Get (Too) High

Obviously, the first question that came to mind here was: why would anyone in their right mind want to have such a pill? In all likelihood, a pill that could boost your high would have way better market prospects than its counterpart, right? Well, to those of us who like to get high because it’s a great recreational pastime, sure, that may be true. But what about all those people using marijuana for medical reasons these days? They may not be interested in any psychoactive effects at all. If that’s your personal situation, where you’re not out to get high, but just want to enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis, this could be a very nifty little pill indeed…

So How Does It Work?

This new wonder drug, or wonder anti-drug if you like, was developed by US pharmaceutical entrepreneur Steve Goldner, founder of the Pure Green company. His mission: alloeing anyone to benefit from the medicinal properties of THC without any undesired highs. His latest invention is called Parachute, and it’s an innocent-looking little pill that you just put under your tongue, where it melts away and gets taken up into the bloodstream. So spill the beans! What magic ingredient is inside, we hear you wonder? Well, it’s no newly developed high-tech synthetic compound, we’ll tell you that. In fact, it’s a genuinely organic substance, and it’s one that we all know all too well… Parachute works by its content of none other than… pure CBD!

Fighting Fire With Fire?

So now you may be wondering: CBD is another ingredient found in cannabis, right? Just like CBD, terpenes, and a whole lot of other usual suspects? Isn’t that kind of like fighting fire with fire, only higher? Well, yes, technically you’re right. Thing is, though: whereas THC will get any smoker, dabber, or muncher high as a kite in high enough concentrations, CBD can actually have the exact opposite effect. It has been known for some time that CBD is able to suppress the effects of THC. Afraid of getting the fear after getting your dose of cannabis meds? Have a Parachute! Worried about potential paranoia? Just strap a ‘chute onto your back and jump right in!

Fast Clean Results

One of the great bonuses of these Parachute CBD pills is their rapid effectiveness. Just slip one under your tongue and the effects should become noticeable right away. CBD gets absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth in no time; as fast as nitroglycerine, in fact, according to the developer. Mr. Goldner is no rookie when it comes to developing methods to counter the effects of drugs, either. He is the brains behind the invention of liquid methadone, used by heroin addicts to kick the habit in a (relatively) responsible way.

Aim High, Stay Level

So now, years after their methadone became a worldwide success helping untold numbers of people quit heroin, Pure Green is aiming high by helping medicinal cannabis users stay level-headed. Of course, weed enthusiasts such as you and I would just skip the Parachute and get sky high without them. Nonetheless, this minty-fresh little pill may prove to be a real help for the ever-growing number of people using cannabis to get or stay healthy, without wanting to be stoned all day long. That’s why, purely out of solidarity, we at the Coffeeshop Info Centre have decided to salute the Parachute!