Cannabis Dinner In Honor Of Launch Greenmeister App

Cannabis Dinner bij Ace Amsterdam

Last week a real cannabis dinner took place in the Amsterdam restaurant Ace. The dinner was organized to promote a new cannabis related app, called Greenmeister. There literally and figuratively was a “high” attendance. For example, entertainer Bizzey was present, who is the co-founder of the app, but also guests such as JayJay Boske, Défano Holwijn and last but not least Mr. Shakes (Sjaak).

The Cannabis Dinner

Anyone who is familiar with Ace knows, besides the fact that one of the best Coffeeshop chain in Amsterdam is only a few doors away, that the food there is of “high level”. The chic dishes of this evening were prepared with CBD and THC, giving the concept of “high level” a double charge. Various Amsterdam Genetics strains as well as SupMedi Supplements were reviewed. For example, Milkshake Kush, Super Silver Haze Block and CBD Oil have been used to balance the whole.

Menu Cannabis Dinner Ace
Cannabis Dinner Menu

The Greenmeister App

To get hold of the above products you probably already know that Boerejongens is the place to be. But what if, for example, you are new as a cannabis consumer and do not yet know which of the four Boerejongens locations you want to visit, or if you find yourself in an unknown city but still want to get your smoke on? Then there is Greenmeister! Through the website and the new app you can search anywhere in the Netherlands for the (better) coffeeshops in your area. The information is up-to-date and not unimportant: Greenmeister gathers various strains which they have tested by an independent laboratory. A must-have for every type of cannabis consumer.

Altogether it was a very successful evening with lots of fun, excellent food and the best cannabis. The Greenmeister website has been online for a while and the app can now be downloaded on Android and will soon also be available in Apple’s app store. Download the app to rate your favorite coffeeshop and leave a review on

Bizzey bij Boerejongens
Bizzey in de Utrechtsestraat met de Boerejongens en meiden