Top 6 Best Cannabis Game Apps

Looking for the Best Cannabis Game Apps for both iOS and Android? Don’t worry! We’ve got them lined up for you! Even if you have to stay home and can’t get all the best weed in Amsterdam, we have some great indoor pastime tips for you here. In this article you will find plenty of awesome tips to spend your days growing your favorite greens, accomplishing achievements, earning tons of cash (virtual, but still!), regardless whether you are sitting in your garden, public transport, at your grandma’s or being a couch-potato. Are you ready to utilize your mobile device to its ultimate potential? Here we go!

Best Cannabis Game Apps For iOS

  • Weed Shop
  • iSmoke: Weed HD
  • Weed Tycoon

Weed Shop

In Weed Shop for iOS devices, you are able to grow hemp yourself and sell it for medical purposes exclusively. In the very beginning, your store will be empty, but as you progress further along business will be booming.

Obviously competition in this market is extremely high. But, if you produce quality grass, more and more buyers will visit your store to obtain the best hemp mankind has ever grown.

Get Weed Shop on iOS

iphone cannabis gaming app
Turn Your iPhone Into an iPharm!

iSmoke: Weed HD

ISmoke: Weed HD – is the definition of getting stoned virtually. It’s an actual simulator where you can legally smoke weed, if you’d like. Try to roll that joint, light it up with some computer coding and enjoy the simulation. In fact, the graphic component of this game is remarkably good.

Apart from the unexpectedly pleasing graphics, there are several musical compositions to choose from. This will set the mood for anything you are looking for. No parents or police knocking at your door while smoking this weed simulator. Inhale… Exhale…!

Get iSmoke: Weed HD on iOS

Weed Tycoon

If you are more into the overall aspect of the cultivating business, this is the game for you! Not only will you be able to grow your own crops tailoring every one of your desires, you can also set up an economic strategy. Buy land and buildings. Get seeds at a great store. Manage your farm and help your crops grow.

Weed Tycoon is not just about the process of growth of weed. It’s also about the process of growth as a businessman and a manager. Feel yourself a true monopolist in the world of economic relations. And have a great time while doing it!

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Best Cannabis Game Apps For Android

  • Weed Firm 2
  • Pot Farm – Grass Roots
  • Ganja Farm – Weed Empire

Weed Firm 2

In Weed Firm 2: Back to College – your role is to play a young man who is extremely talented in botany. It’s this knowledge that you will need to put to the test to grow several varieties of marijuana and sell those. Be careful of who you are selling your goods to, because one of them might rat you out to the police! Cultivate marijuana, collect the cash and buy more and more valuable varieties of these herbs.

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weed games for android phones
…Guess That Makes This One A Canndroid Phone?

Pot Farm – Grass Roots

Start your business with several plants and grow more and more every single time. Also, be careful, because your successful business can be ruined by spider mite that wreck your plants and crops. Develop your own farm and be the best businessman you can be! The application is of course completely free and really interesting.

In Pot Farm – Grass Roots you establish a real farm, hire employees and specialists. You can bake confectionery, negotiate with medical institutions and sell whatever you are producing. Find new customers among your friends from social networks and sell them the necessary goods.

Get Pot Farm – Grass Roots on Android

Ganja Farm – Weed Empire

As last in today’s list, we feature the game-farm application Ganja Farm – Weed Empire. As with most game farms, the goal is to plant seeds, get them to flourish into gorgeous crops and harvest them once they are done. Sell the goods to provide yourself with decent cashflow. Invest this money in building various buildings that will help you to earn more.

This game is visually a little less appealing than the others, but the funny characters like the multi-colored fashionista rastaman bring out the best in this game.

Get Ganja Farm – Weed Empire on Android