Terpenes Explained – Basic Smoker’s Knowledge

Enjoy the natural goodness in your Amsterdam weed!

Hi there! This is Professor Harvest speaking, and let me start off by thanking you for checking out this little nugget of knowledge straight from Amsterdam. I’m here to make sure you enjoy your city trip to maximum effect – including any weed you happen to light up on the way, obviously.

Terpenes: There’s More Than Just THC In Your Weed

Most smokers know that the high in their joints is caused by a substance called THC, or tera-hydro-cannabinol, to be precise. That’s true enough, but there are many other compounds in cannabis, and these affect your buzz in subtle ways, too. One of the great things about weed is its natural origin. It’s a flower bud, after all. Natural materials like cannabis flowers are usually complex, composed of various different parts, cells, and molecules. THC is an important molecule in any weed you smoke while in Amsterdam, but so are terpenes – a hugely diverse group of natural molecules that deserve some attention from anyone who loves the smell, taste, and feel of a good smoke.

What Are Terpenes, And Why Should You Care?

Terpenes are a group of organic compounds found everywhere throughout the plant kingdom. These molecules affect our senses, particularly our taste and smell receptors. Terpenes are why lavender smells like lavender, for example, and why lemons taste like – you guessed it – lemons. In plants, they help defend against diseases, fungi, and insects, among other purposes. As any experienced pot smoker knows, weed comes in many different strains, each with its own unique flavour and aroma. Every single bouquet of smells and tastes is caused by the various terpenes present in the ganja you smoke, whereas THC itself doesn’t have any scent or flavour to it. Marijuana actually contains a dazzling number of terpenes, with over 100 different types identified so far. All of these carry their own distinct taste and scent. But the effects don’t stop there…

Subtle Mood Effects Of Terpenes

You’ve probably heard about aroma therapy: treatments involving essential oils, which influence your state of mind through your sense of smell. In fact, aroma therapy works through terpenes as well, as they carry the scents that trigger the desired mood changes. Well, guess what? Those very same terpenes are in the weed you inhale, and they can affect your mind state in the same subtle ways. Knowing which terpenes to look for can really help you find the exact type of high you are looking for, whether you’re out for a soothing, extra-mellow buzz, or something to keep you focused while you’re gaming with a nice joint on the side, to name but a few examples. But wait – there’s even more to consider when deciding on your personal terpene preferences!

Terpenes On Your Mind, And In Body

All sorts of terpenes interact with receptors in your brain and wider nerve system, just like TCH or CBD does. This explains why they can affect not just your mood, but your metabolism too. In other words: just which strain of cannabis you smoke can have effects on your mind AND on your body! Some terpenes have antibacterial effects, aiding your immune system. Others relax your muscles or protect your guts and stomach. New effects are being discovered all the time, and this is a pretty new line of research, mind you: we’ve just been scratching the surface so far.

More Terpene Goodness Soon!

I’m running out of space here, dear smokers and Amsterdam fans, but don’t worry: I’ll return to this subject in another blog soon! I’ll try and teach you about some specifics of terpenes, as well as how to get them from some of the best coffeeshops around the city. In the meantime, enjoy responsible smoking and be sure to make the mostout of your Amsterdam trip – have a great day out there!

Yours, Professor Harvest at the Coffeeshop Info Centre