Smoke Pot To Get Slimmer? Professor Harvest Investigates

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Great news, my cannabis brothers and sisters! I have continued my research into cannabinoids, terpenes and all the wonderful compounds contained in that fabulous little pant we love, and guess what: it has potential to get you slim on top of getting you high…

Weird Science

Now, as we have seen before, the field of marijuana research is still pretty much a pioneering area. There is much more we don’t know about cannabis than there is hard knowledge to go by. So once again, I am going to discuss some weird ganja science that is ground-breaking stuff rather than lab-proven facts of life, but hey – at least it’s probably new to most of you. On top of this, the news seems to be all good as well… Apparently, smoking weed can be a good thing for your gut, your metabolism, and your weight. If you think carefully about the strains you smoke, vape, or eat, they may keep you from gaining weight, and never mind the munchies, either!

Cannabinoids And Healthy Metabolism

Some time ago, a group of researchers noticed that the average pot smoker seems to be slimmer than the average non-smoker. Looking for a connection between these observations, they started to dig deeper into what weed might actually be doing in our bellies – in our metabolism that is. Metabolism covers a complex interplay of processes that determine how we digest the food we eat. It is regulated by many different chemicals including hormones. Some of the most important parts of our metabolism are linked to what we called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). You will notice the ‘cannabinoid’ bit in endocannabinoid: the compounds used by your own body’s ECS are very similar to some of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. So far, we already knew that the ECS is triggered by cannabinoids when smoking or eating pot, causing feelings of pleasure and other effects in the brain. Now, it turns out that the same cannabinoids affect how you deal with the food you eat. That means smoking weed can help you stay slim, and possibly prevent a host of nasty metabolic diseases, too.

Storing Fat After Smoking a Fatty

Okay, so the endocannabinoid produced by your body that works just like THC is called anandamide. Basically, anandamide works by sending a signal to your body telling it to store fat in your fatty tissues. You would think that getting THC in your system by smoking weed would do the same, also telling your body to store up on fat. Studies have in fact demonstrated that stoners eat way more calories than non-stoners. Interestingly, though, the studies found that pot smokers don’t store extra fat while stoned, even though they get the munchies and stuff their faces with snacks…

THC, CBD, And Pot Bellies

It seems that another famous cannabinoid found in weed plays a crucial part here. CBD has become popular as a natural remedy for all sorts of symptoms, including chronic pain and epilepsy, for example. Like THC, it can affect your ECS, but when it comes to storing fat, it has the exact opposite effect. CDB tells your brain to stop storing fat, by deactivating the same receptor cells that THC can activate. Apparently, then, whether you store fat or not while high depends on how much THC and how much CBD is in your weed. THC gives you a craving to eat all sorts of (fatty) foods, and then CBD restrains your body’s ability to store the fat these snacks contain. That’s food for thought, in a pretty literal sense, don’t you agree?

Big Pharma Is Onto Us!

Well if you don’t agree, you can bet that Big Pharma does! Since these discoveries were made, medical research into cannabis and cannabinoids has been booming. They’ve noticed how slim and sexy we are, and now they’re after our secret. That makes sense in a way, especially when you consider the millions and millions of people struggling with weight issues these days. What if a simple dose of cannabinoids could stop then from gaining more weight? That would be quite something, I think.

Insensitive Sensi Sensors

There is one other effect that smoking pot may have on your ability to stay slim, though. Apart from the CBD that may be switching off your fat storage system, THC may in fact help you stay slender in itself. The theory behind this is as follows. THC gives you the munchies by triggering certain receptor cells in your body, which act like sensors picking up the ‘munchies signal’ – the same ones that CBD blocks off, in fact. The thing is, if you are a regular cannabis user, these receptors get less sensitive. This is called ‘tolerance’, and it also explains why regular smokers need more weed to get high than irregular smokers. Your receptor cells just get used to the THC in your blood, so they need more of it to actually get triggered. This works for storing fat in the same way it works for getting high. If you smoke regularly, your sensors become tolerant, so THC will not trigger your brain to go and scavenge the fridge so easily. Combine this tolerance effect with the blocking effect that CBD has on your metabolism, and we may be on our way to understanding why stoners are often skinnier than non-stoners…

Slim Without The Gym

There you have it, dear readers. There’s obviously more to the natural chemicals in cannabis than we thought. Keep an eye out for my next post for more ganja knowledge, because you know I will be back soon. In the meantime, I think I’m going to work on that neat and slender figure of mine – without going to the gym, that is!

Stay fabulous – Professor Harvest