Professor Harvest’s Expedition: Big Plans For Great Plants

Hi there, all you reefer-minded readers! It’s your Professor Harvest again, calling in from good old Amsterdam. I just thought I’d write you a quick little something about my plans for the near future.

Smoking Smart

Recently, I posted a brief introductory story about terpenes here on this platform. Now, I don’t know about you guys and gals, but scratching the surface of terpenes sure got me thinking. I feel it’s high time (yes, pun intended) that we learn a bit more about all the natural wonders present in the stuff we love. THC and CBD are great of course, don’t get me wrong, but there’s just so much more to explore. I say, why don’t we start a little tour of all the wonderful terpene goodness we can get our hands on while in Amsterdam? Your Professor is planning to take a plunge into the various high quality cannabis strains on sale in some of the finest shops around the city, just to figure out what their scents and flavours can tell us about the rich and wonderful terpene content they have to offer. As I set out on this expedition, I’ll also look into the possible health benefits these natural agents may offer while I’m at it. Are you with me?


Good – you’re still reading! I figured you would. After all, we’re the avant garde tip of the spear when it comes to cannabis connoisseurs, are we not? It’s more or less our duty to get smart on the plants we love to smoke. How great would it be to return from your Amsterdam visit and be able to enlighten all your friends on what you managed to pick up while smoking grass? I think we can start our very own grassroots movement here, folks!

Coming Soon

So, by your permission, I’ll start planning my tour of the town. I have some reading up to do on the latest scientific discoveries and insights into terpenes. Keep an eye out for my next post on this platform though, because I have a feeling we’re on to something here… See you soon in Amsterdam!


The Professor.