0,0% Alcohol Zone in Red Light Disctrict Amsterdam

When you arrive in our lovely Amsterdam at Amsterdam Central Station, You cant miss them: big banners with ‘0.0% ZONE, No alcohol in public spaces, € 95 fine’.
No more evening tours, more police, city guards (handhaving) and hosts, restaurants and bars that no longer sell alcohol to drunken people. All of this must counteract the nuisance at De Wallen(Red Light District).

Mayor Halsema told the residents and entrepreneurs of this neighborhood this December 11th. They are done with the nuisance of large groups, often drunken tourists.
We know most of you are just smokers and are the chilliest people on earth, but definitely keep these rules in mind when you bring your friends who will go all-in 😉

No alcohol on the streets

It has been forbidden for years to drink alcohol on the street at the Red Light District. The banners and even special street signs must convey this message more clearly to everybody. In this way, police and city guards (handhaving) can take a more targeted approach to those who don’t stick with the rules for this area. From now on they no longer have to conduct discussions before they issue a fine. They can also collect the fine directly on the spot with a pin card device. So definitely behave yourself while you are visiting our world famous Red Light District.

No alcohol for drunk people

The staff of cafés and bars must also do something. They are not allowed to pass on any alcoholic drinks to (already) drunken customers. Later in 2019 there will be extra control on this too. Not even you, but also the bar will get a fine.

No more evening tours

A ban on evening tours from 1 April 2019 should also help to reduce crowds in the Red Light District. Amsterdam is further elaborating the new rules with residents and entrepreneurs in the area.

Places Where You Can Smoke Cannabis and Drink Alcohol?

Looking for a nice place to smoke ánd where you can drink too? Please visit Coffeeshopamsterdam Café on Singel 8. This location is just around the corner of our Coffeeshop Information Centre Amsterdam.


Coffeeshopamsterdam Café – Singel 8 Amsterdam

See You In Amsterdam!