Munchies Food Tours – Explore Amsterdam’s Delicious Stoner Cuisine!

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Too Damn Tasty

Sometimes, you come across an offer that’s just too damn tasty to ignore… A yummy idea for new sightseeing tours of Amsterdam is just such an opportunity. In fact, this one here is more of a sight-eating tour to be fair: Munchies Food Tours offers you a great chance to act on your gut feelings in a grand tour of all the best munchies foods the city has to offer!

Chew On The Story Of Amsterdam

If you are visiting our nation’s capital, you are bound to get in touch with its thriving cannabis culture. Still, as good as it may feel to just smoke away and be high all throughout your visit, there is so much more to explore in Amsterdam. Thankfully, the Munchies Food Tours give you a great opportunity to explore another delicious aspect of the town, without missing out on the smoky bits: it’s wonderful local cuisine, with a definite emphasis on what generations of stoners appreciate the most. This is your chance to sink your teeth into Amsterdam food culture, happily chewing away on the rich and tasty story it has to tell.

Taking Taste Buds To A Higher Level

The Munchies Food Tour is all about taste. Yes, it does lean towards the more cannabis-minded individuals touring the city, but no, that doesn’t mean you need to get stoned before you’re allowed to tag along. This tour is all about getting to know the many flavours, local and international, that hundreds of years of city life have piled on top of each other. It’s a fun way to take your taste buds to a higher level, even if you decide to leave the baking to the bakers you’ll meet along the way. Of course, you won’t get any awkward looks if you do prefer to have a nice spliff before you go either – just make sure you stay sharp enough to enjoy all the treats on offer.

munchies foodtour amsterdam
Munchies Food Tour

So What’s On The Menu?

The Munchies Food Tour is available for any group of two to ten people, but larger companies can always contact the organisers for special tours, so no worries there. The tour comprises three hours of foodie fun scattered along a trajectory that takes you straight through the city’s beating heart. Along the way, there’s stacks of delicious foods waiting for you, hand-picked from a variety of the many cultural cuisines making up the overall Amsterdam flavour. You get two drinks that come free with the tour deal, and along the way, you’ll stop over at one of the finest coffeeshops in town, to ensure that you can spark some real munchies if you’d like a taste of greeneries on the go. Obviously, you won’t be obliged to smoke or dig into the edibles sold here, but it’s a great chance for all you non-smokers to finally see the inside of a world-famous Dutch tourist attraction.

It’s A Social Thing

Because eating is a social event, you can rest assured that you’ll be in great company as you make your way to snack and back while you meet a treat on every street. You’ll be touring under the expert guidance of local connoisseurs who know just where to get the real deal for every meal. They’re there to show you the tastiest bits of Amsterdam, and to make sure you get a few laughs as you go. Be sure to ask them any questions you may have, because they know the city and have plenty of useful tips for your further adventures in our cannabis capital!

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No matter the weather, the Munchies Food Tour is there for you all year long. Get to know all about the city while you stuff your face with local culture! Now, this already great offer is about to get even better, because you can get a 10% discount on your tour by using our AmsterdamGenetics promo code! We’ll throw in a special AGS goodie bag for you as well, so if you’re up for three hours of fun-filled ganja gastronomy, we suggest you get cracking, roll up and get in touch with Munchies Food Tour right now!