Is It Legal To Have Marijuana Plants In The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is well known for its rules about smoking weed. Many tourists visit Amsterdam just to smoke a joint or have an edible in public without any fear of being caught by the police, but there’s more. In this blog you’ll find out that our government is fine with producing your own weed.

Maximum Plants

Well.. We still have rules. A household can have a maximum of five Marijuana plants without being prosecuted. So if you already were dreaming of starting a big Marijuana farm; we’re sorry for destroying your dream. If you want to have five or less plants there are still a few things you need to know.

Play By The Rules

A Marijuana plant doesn’t only produces weed, but is also beautiful to look at. We understand you want to place them at a nice spot in your frontyard, but if the police sees them they will still remove them. So look for a private spot for your plants.

If the police sees your plants and take them with them (and you have five plants or less) you won’t go to jail. You’ll just have to say goodbye to your plants. If you have more plants than the tolerated number; you’ll have a  big problem. Even in Holland. You can go to jail for 4 years for having a plantation or get a fine of €67.000. Just saying; That’s a lot of money that you can also spent on weed from a coffeeshop!


We have to be honest. Just like growing your own vegetables, it’s hard to have a good harvest. We all tried to grow tomatoes and many of us failed big time! At the end of the day we still had to buy them at the grocery store. We suggest that if you want to grow a Marijuana plant don’t expect any harvest at all. Just water them, give them love and talk tot them and watch them grow.