Is A Pot Podcast Worth Your While?

Podcasts on weed

No matter what topic you’re into, there is a podcast for it. And weed, a topic that just keeps getting more attention, is no exception to that. Podcasts streams have increased by 20% over the past year. With self-confinement being the new buzzword, there is no better time to get those headphones out and jump on the bandwagon right now! Find and listen to a weed podcast that suits you: we have a few suggestions here.

Whether you are into a comedian approach or more into deep interesting topics, celebrity interviews or whatever floats your boat, there is a podcast to get you covered. For those who are new to podcasting or for anyone trying to find interesting additions to your current queues, there is already a great selection of weed-centric podcasts existing to please you. Here are three podcasts on weed to give you a decent idea of where to start.

Suggestion 1: ‘The Adam Dunn Show’

Chemdog, PBud, and the Incredibles Crew

What is the Podcast About?

The Adam Dunn Show is a weekly recurring in-depth podcast that lasts for 3 hours every week. It covers the cultivation of cannabis, scientific research, history, politics and culture on the topic of cannabis. It’s hosted by industry veteran and founder of T.H. Seeds, Adam Dunn.

What is This Episode About?

In this episode, Adam Dunn is joined by Chemdog, the Incredibles crew and PBud to discuss the Chemdog strain. During the podcast they discuss how the seeds went from PBuds hands to Chemdogs en how the name changed from Dogbud to Chemdog accordingly. The group also highlights cultivation techniques and different virtues the group enrolled over the past few years.

You’ll Find This Cannabis Podcast Here

Podcasts on cannabis
There’s More Than You Might Think!


Suggiestion 2: ‘Weed + Grub’

Jim Belushi on Sunshine, Cannabis, and Transformational Tripping

What is the Podcast About?

“Weed + Grub” is a charming, sincere show about weed, food, love, sexuality, and a mix of other relevant topics — hosted by cannabis advisor and previous High Times culture editor Mary Jane Gibson, and writer-comedian Mike Glazer.

What is This Episode About?

Mike and Mary Jane’s interview with actor, comedian, and pot farm owner Jim Belushi is a true gem that is a worthy addition to the list. Belushi in reality shows up for the tête-à-tête as lively, sympathetic, and an open book. His newborn passion for cannabis cultivation is an uplifting highlight of the podcast.

“The Jim Belushi dialogue is one of our most beloved sit-downs with a celebrity guest. We had an unbelievable conversation with him about finding love, psychedelia, dogs, weed, farming, family, music and more,” Gibson told Weedmaps News.

You can find this podcast on Spotify.


Suggestion 3: Getting Doug with High

Sarah Silverman & Todd Glass

What is the Podcast About?

“Getting Doug with High,” hosted by self-proclaimed “high comedian” Doug Benson, is a podcast that has been out there for a while, featuring comedy guests smoking featured strains with Benson and getting into some good old produced stonertalk.

What is this Episode About?

An oldie but a great one, the 2013 podcast show with Sarah Silverman and Todd Glass is a major illustration of what makes this podcast timeless, applicable to many, and eternally funny. Silverman is in top form, and Todd Glass gets too high and worries that he’s talking too much. If you want to through one of the funniest recorded smoke sessions in history, go back and watch this one.

You Can Grab This Weed Podcast Here

Cannabis smoking podcast
Blowing Smoke Up Your Ears.



We hope to have inspired you! Are you looking for more podcasts to your liking on the topic? Forbes wrote an entire article devoted to cannabis podcasts and if you don’t find anything that you want to listen to, a Google search is never far away.  Thank you for reading, now start listening!