Get To Know Dutch People

Holland has a population of seventeen million. Not much compared to other places in the world. For example: Shanghai has 24 million citizens. Even though we’re not with many, we like to think that we’re GREAT people. This blog is all about the things only Dutch people do. We hope it helps you to understand us a little bit better.


When it comes to celebrating a party; Dutchies have their own rituals. When we’re at a birthday party we congratulate not only the birthday boy or girl, but also family, friends and other people at the party. We shake hands or kiss with everyone and we say something like: Congratulated with.. (Name of the host).

Travel By Bike

Did you know that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than people? 900.000 bikes and 800.000 citizens. We loveeee our bikes! Not to use it as an outdoor activity, but for a way to travel. Dutch people use their bike just as much as they use the car. That’s the reason why we have a separated bicycle path next to the roads.

We Like To Kiss!

Almost everywhere in the world people kiss on the cheek twice when they greet each other. In Holland we like to do it differently, we kiss three times and like to start on the left cheek. And to be honest, there’s no reason why we give three kisses instead of two.

Dutch people like to think that they are very progressive and openminded, but that’s not completely true. There are still rules between men and women when it comes to saying hello. Women can kiss both sexes at a greeting. Most men in Holland shake hands to greet another man. Men greet other women with three kisses.

And much more..

  • The first country that allowed gay people to marry was Holland. The government changed the law in 2001 and made gay marriage possible. Luckily other countries followed, but years later.
  • Dutch people bring their own bags to the supermarket. Not because it’s sustainable. The real season is that we have to pay for the bags at the supermarket. Dutch people are known as greedy people.
  • Coffeeshops have a different meaning in Holland. For us it means a place where coffee is just an extra option. Our coffeeshops are places to buy cannabis. The way our government allows us to smoke weed is very unique. Read all about it in this blog