CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café: Coffee, CBD & Sunlit Smokes

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Last couple of months were agonizing. We were probably never so bored before. While spring was approaching, all the good stuff was taken away. All the fun, hanging out with friends, drinking a beer in a bar or chilling on a terrace in the golden evening sun, it was just impossible. But now we have some very good news: bars and restaurants are open again! That includes one of our favorite bars, CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café, completely with its own street-level, smoking friendly terrace. And it’s not your usual café, it’s a bar with a difference. So let us tell you why you should visit CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café!


In March, suddenly all restaurants, bars and terraces were ordered shut. Even all the coffeeshops had to close at exactly 6 o’clock, which resulted in a lot of people queuing up in front of the shops. Fortunately, they reopened the next day, to the great relief of all the fun-loving smokers. Three long months have passed since then and as of June 1st the hospitality industry could open again. This is great news of course for all the owners, but there still are a lot of rules to be followed. One very special Amsterdam terrace is totally ready for you: CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café!


Outdoor terrace CoffeshopAmsterdam café
It’s Right Here Waiting For You

Good Food, Great Coffee And Fantastic Service

This place is a café during the day and a bar at night. It’s a totally new and unique concept, with a fantastic interior, good vibes and great music. You can come here, sit inside the boutique style café, or outside on the terrace and enjoy their good coffee, drinks or food. From hot drinks and cake to toasties, beer and wine: there’s something for everyone. They even sell a fine selection of CBD-infused beverages and snacks.

CBD Treats At CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café

The menu at CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café has some very special treats for you, made by SupMedi! If you want something very different, you should try their unique CBD delicacies. The CBD coffee or choco gives you a little extra, but they also offer cold drinks like CBD Kombucha or CBD Ice Tea, which are really refreshing. And what about a nice CBD cocktail? Go for some peace and try their Tranquilla Sunrise. Or maybe you’re more a Dark & Stoney kind of person. Whatever floats your boat, this place has something that goes perfect with that!

exclusive cbd cocktails
CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café

Downtown Bar With A Difference: Amsterdam Coffee

A coffeeshop, isn’t that a place to drink coffee? This may be true anywhere else in the world, but in Amsterdam, it can be so much more… We use the expression Amsterdam Coffee when we talk about the cannabis you can buy in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This is why Amsterdam Coffee is a concept all around the world.

Smoker Friendly Terrace

And the best is yet to come, we saved that part for last. Because the terrace is totally Smoker Friendly! Sit down in the lovely sunshine and smoke your spliff. “Are you sure?” you might wonder. “Smoking a joint on an outside terrace in the city centre?” Yeah. It’s for real. In fact, just around the corner, on the Haarlemmerstraat, you’ll find CoffeeshopAmsterdam. This isn’t just a shop, it’s an experience. Nice vibes, a relaxed atmosphere and staff that really wants to help you choose your favorite treat. So come in, be welcome and take your Amsterdam Coffee to go. Because the terrace of CoffeeshopAmsterdam Café is waiting for you!