Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer Amsterdam

De Tweede Kamer is a coffeeshop with roots in the history of authentic Dutch cannabis culture. Established in 1985, back when Dutch cannabis regulations were quite a novelty, the name ‘Tweede Kamer’ is a playful reference to the Dutch Parliament.

De Tweede Kamer was the first coffeeshop to start weighing and packaging products in front of the customers. This allowed customers to see, feel, and smell the quality of the wares, in the spirit of openness and transparency that still serves as the shop’s philosophy. The staff won’t sell anything they wouldn’t smoke themselves, and this ongoing quest for quality is evident in the extensive cannabis menu. In addition to the excellent smokeables, there are also high-quality Spacetrys (THC infused edibles) by “Amsterdam Genetics” on the menu.

This place is a testament to the genuine smoker’s culture, with an intimate and cosy feel and dedicated staff. Local smokers visit regularly, so for an oldschool quality smoking experience, De Tweede Kamer is the place to visit!