CBD 24/7 Chocolates: CBD Made Delicious!

Are you a fan of chocolate or a 100% chocolate addict? And is your favorite way of CBD consumption through edibles? In that case, CBD 24/7 Chocolates might be just perfect for you! SupMedi combined their high quality CBD with the pure and organic chocolate from Original Beans. Now, this award winning company brings their Cru Virunga 70% chocolate into the mix and together, they make one hell of a treat!

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Guilty Pleasure – Without The Guilt.

Finest CBD By SupMedi

SupMedi focuses all of its experience into natural products with solid scientific knowledge. With over twenty years in field experience, SupMedi values quality over quantity, unlike others in the industry.

More and more consumers are making a switch towards CBD. As a result, there has been an increase in suppliers to meet the demand. In an attempt to maximize profits, many suppliers sacrifice quality and settle for second best. By contrast, SupMedi takes its responsibility seriously: they offer only 100% quality CBD supplements.

Quality CBD means pure and natural CBD. All of SupMedi’s products are tested by ProxyLabs, the only Dutch laboratory officially licensed by the Ministry of Health in the Netherlands. SupMedi is proud of its product quality; external scientific testing only adds to that sense of pride.

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Best Chocolate By Original Beans

Speak what’s true. Eat what’s pure. Preserve what’s rare. Since 2008, the chocolate experts of Original Beans venture into remote rain forests to source the world’s rarest cacao beans and transform the cultures of chocolate, food and luxury. Original Beans single-handedly built a regenerative business. They ensure sustainability by regenerating all that chocolate lovers consume.

Original Beans cares deeply for the origins of their cacao beans. As a company, they make sure that local farmers, communities, and habitats are treated with the respect they deserve. That is why Original Beans values its “one bar, one tree” principle highly.  As a consequence, they guarantee to have one new tree planted for every bar a customer consumes. In addition, they make sure cacao farmers receive fair prices and education. To them, acting responsibly is the only way to enjoy the world’s finest chocolate to the fullest.

If you are curious about the Original Beans company, their mission or how they operate, you should definitely check out this video:

CBD 24/7 Chocolates: Expect Dark Brown Excellence

When you put these two brilliant companies side by side, wonderful things happen. SupMedi’s eye for pure natural quality and the quest of Original beans to secure the very best cacao for now and for the future have led to a new standard of excellence. That’s how CBD 24/7 Chocolates prove that being good to yourself not only feels great – it tastes wonderful too!

The Virunga cacao bean carries a distinctly rich, earthy taste, reminiscent of morello and black tea; sweet, fruity, and powerful. Its aromas are enough to make your mind wander. Allow Virunga 70% dark chocolate to inspire dreams of tropical rainforests. Imagine the cries of parrots and monkeys overhead, and feel the fertile rains that nourish and sustain their natural habitat…

Great Chocolate Isn’t Bad For You

Most of us associate chocolate with unhealthy snacking, turning it into a guilty pleasure. But this sense of guilt is in fact not about chocolate itself. Instead, it is all about all the sugar and additives that are added to regular chocolate bars. The pure, raw cacao used by Original beans is another matter altogether. All ingredients are processed in organic ways, resulting in a pure, natural product unlike any chocolate you’ve tasted before. Chocolate has the power to make people happy at the physiological level. Moreover, it contains loads of antioxidants, nutrients, and other useful ingredients. Now, CBD 24/7 Chocolate combines that raw guilt-free power with all the goodness of CBD. So meet your new your guilty pleasure, only without the guilt!

When Original Beans chocolate and SupMedi CBD meet, they form a great natural foundation for a healthy lifestyle that feels as good as it tastes.

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Responsible Never Tasted This Good…

Treat Yourself And Others In Style With CBD 24/7 Chocolates

CBD 24/7 Chocolates make a wonderful gift to yourself (or to that special person). These chocolates come in a 24-piece display box that just radiates luxury – great for any coffee table! Each chocolate thin contains 25mg CBD and is individually wrapped in a gold-sealed envelope. As such, they give you an easy and tasty way to replenish your daily dose of CBD. Of course, they are also perfect as a go-between treat whenever you feel you deserve it. CBD 24/7 Chocolate lets you enjoy chocolate, self-care, and life – 24/7!

Have A Taste!